What I’m thankful for


For those of you who don’t know, I’m an international student from London, England. This may seem cheesy to an American reading this but I had always dreamed of living in America. I remember being 5 years old watching all my favorite cartoons and children sitcoms on Disney channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon network wondering why none of the characters had British accents… I grew fascinated by our different cultural’s and wanted to be exposed to more. I wanted to ride the magic school bus, try a sloppy Joe and drink eggnog for Christmas… I’m still working on riding the magic school bus. My point is, I wanted to experience something beyond my surroundings. The older I got, that dream faded away, but remained somewhere deep in my heart. Sometimes we dream with zero expectation of something ever becoming a reality but thankfully for me it did (I’ll save the complete story for another post).

I am thankful for the many opportunities which have been given to me over the course of my life, many I have had to work very hard for but the opportunity to make your dreams a reality in itself is a blessing. We sometimes forget just how privileged we are to have the opportunity to LIVE, not just survive, not just breathe but be exposed to the many wonders of life. I am thankful for so much more, but I wanted to focus on something we tend to over look. Opportunity… the opportunity to love, give, achieve, explore and so much more.

So today and every day, where every you currently stand be thankful for the opportunity to STAND and create a fulfilling life for yourself and others.

Happy Thanks Giving!